PJSC Tatneft. Annual report 2017
PJSC Tatneft. Annual report 2017

Corporate brand of TATNEFT Company

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The Tatneft brand is in the top 10 of the international rating of the most valuable brands in Russia.

In 2018, the brand value was estimated at $ 97.3 billion, which is 9% higher than the brand value estimate in 2017 (according to Brand Finance).

The Tatneft brand is a combination of visual, semantic and other characteristics of the core business of PJSC TATNEFT and its subsidiaries, which together form the TATNEFT Group:

  • A single brand identifying the Company, its activities, products, services;
  • Communications of the Company with external and internal environment, reflecting the core competencies of the brand.

A visual reflection of the Tatneft Brand is a registered trademark, which includes the logo and graphic writing of the name Tatneft, as well as the style-forming brand elements regulated by the Brand Book and form a single corporate corporate identity that identifies the Company by its internal and external environment.

The TATNEFT brand is the single corporate brand of the TATNEFT Group and is designed to reflect the ongoing development of the Company as one of the largest vertically integrated Russian producers of oil and gas, refined products and petrochemicals, engineering services and innovative technologies based on effective asset management of shareholders natural resources and corporate social responsibility.

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THE Company’s philosophy is placed in brand

— energy
— ecology
— cleanliness of intentions
— transparency of business

The brand unites the corporate history, maintaining continuity with the first logo of the Company and the modern corporate culture of the Company, based on the values:

  • Personally and confidently take responsibility.
  • We set ourselves ambitious goals and the team.
  • Inspire the team and lead to the achievement of goals.
  • We strive to achieve maximum results of the Company based on the optimal use of resources and compliance with industrial and environmental safety standards.
  • We are looking for advanced scientific ideas and technologies.
  • We introduce new solutions.
  • We improve and use knowledge, accumulated experience.
  • We build honest and open equal relations with external partners and colleagues aimed at achieving the success of the Company.
  • We appreciate and support each other.
  • We achieve common goals by solidarity and understanding of the role of each of us.

The logo covers all areas of the Company’s business and is applied in strict accordance with corporate regulations based on the legal aspects of protection and use of the trademark and corporate business development priorities. One of the main brand carriers of the Company, in addition to industrial facilities, is the network of filling stations Tatneft.

The quality of the Tatneft brand is ensured by the unified management, production, environmental and social standards of the Company.

The Tatneft brand is a valuable intangible asset participating in the formation of the Company’s market value.

In addition to the Tatneft brand, the Group’s Common Brand Portfolio includes corporate and product`s brands of subsidiaries, the majority of which are owned by PJSC Tatneft (50 percent + 1 share or more).

Main brands of the Group

  • Brands Tire Complex