PJSC Tatneft. Annual report 2017
PJSC Tatneft. Annual report 2017

General Director

Responsibilities of executive bodies of the Company — that is, the General Director and the Management Board, — include efficient realisation of the Strategy, achieving of the business goal and all matters of day to day operations; except for the matters that fall into scope of responsibility of the General Shareholders’ Meeting and the Board of Directors.

The General Director is appointed by the Board of Directors. Starting November 2013 and up to present day, Nail Ulfatovich Maganov is the General Director of TATNEFT.

The General Director also is the Chairman of the Management Board of TATNEFT.

Scope of powers of the General Director is set out in the Charter of the Company and Resolutions on the General Director of TATNEFT.

The General Director is in charge of current operations in accordance with the corporate development strategy of the Company, defines organizational structure, supervises the rational use of resources, resolves organizational issues relating to the business process management and social protection for the employees, including:

  • Implementation of resolutions taken at the General Shareholders’ Meeting
  • Presentation to the Board of Directors of candidates to the Management Board
  • Allocation of duties among the Board members
  • Management of the Board as chairman at Board meetings
  • Approval of internal documents of the Company, unless the approval of such internal documents fall within the scope of responsibilities of the General Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors, and the Management Board according to the Company Charter
  • Approval of job descriptions
  • Hiring and dismissal of staff, including his own deputies
  • Defining the organizational structure of the Company, approving of the organizational chart of the Company, branches, and representative offices, approval of job descriptions and wages
  • Presentation to the Board of Directors of candidates to the post of First Deputy General Director
  • Executing employment contracts with employees of the Company
  • Managing development, execution, and performance of the Collective Agreement
  • Managing and providing for favorable and safe working conditions for Company employees
  • Managing accounting and reporting, including approving policies for accounting and taxation
  • Managing compliance with legal requirements of the activities of the Company within the limits of his powers
  • Solving other issues pertaining to current operations of the Company


The Management Board is a collegiate executive body responsible for daily management of TATNEFT, as well as developing and implementing the general development strategy for subsidiaries of the Company. The Chairman of the Management Board is the General Director of TATNEFT. The activities of the Management Board conform to current legislation, the Charter of TATNEFT, and the Resolution on the Management Board of TATNEFT.

The composition of the Management Board is determined by the Board of Directors of TATNEFT.

In 2017, the Management Board of the Company consisted of 11 people.

Full name Year of election Number of years
Maganov Nail Ulfatovich 1999 19
Bakhitov Anvar Vasikhovich 2014 4
Voskoboynikov Vladlen Aleksandrovich 2005 13
Gorodniy Viktor Isakovich 1999 19
Glazkov Nikolay Mikhaylovich 2012 6
Yershov Valeriy Dmitriyevich 2001 17
Ibragimov Nail Gabdulbariyevich 1999 19
Nurmukhametov Rafail Saitovich 1999 19
Mukhamadeyev Rustam Nabiullovich 2002 16
Tikhturov Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich 1999 19
Subayev Nurislam Zinatulovich 2014 4

Powers of the following members of the Management Board of TATNEFT are terminated starting February 26, 2018: V. I. Gorodniy and A. F. Vakhitov.