PJSC Tatneft. Annual report 2017
PJSC Tatneft. Annual report 2017



The Сompany carries out charitable activities in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility.


CHARITABLE FOUNDATION "GIFTED CHILDREN" CREATED IN 2004. The fund's activities cover nine municipal districts of the Republic of Tatarstan that are included in the production area of Tatneft: Aznakaevsky, Almetyevsky, Bavlinsky, Bugulminsky, Nizhnekamsky, Leninogorsky, Zainsky, Nurlatsky, Sarmanovsky (urban-type settlement Jalil).

In 2017, the funds of the charity fund were sent to support participants in various scientific forums: conferences, subject and interdisciplinary competitions, master classes in academic subjects.


  • Meeting of the Charity Foundation prize-winners in Nizhnekamsk with the participation of 200 pupils and 50 mentors.
  • Winter school of candidates for national teams Olympiads for 40 schoolchildren in the southeast of the Republic of Tatarstan on the basis of the sanatorium Health in Almetyevsk. Four participants from Almetyevsk, Bugulma, Nizhnekamsk and Nurlat became winners and prize-winners republican stage in mathematics and physics.
  •  Scientific-practical conference "Schoolchildren - to the science of the XXI century" with the participation of more than 300 participants of the correspondence tour, 119 participants with presentations at the on-site tour in Almetyevsk.
  • With the support of the charitable foundation, a team of young geologists and members of the geological study group from Almetyevsk took part in the Open Geological Olympiad in Moscow, the Geosphere Olympiad in Saint Petersburg, and the autumn School-Academy of Young Geologists in Gagra, Abkhazia. They took 2nd place in the Republican Field Geological Olympiad. Participants joined the national team at the international competitions in Kazakhstan. Also, a team of young geologists and members of the geological group from Nizhnekamsk received assistance from the charitable foundation in preparation for the Field Geological Olympiad where they took 3rd place.

Material assistance was provided to the Young Technicians' Station in Almetyevsk to participate in team competitions in aircraft modeling in Novosibirsk, in self-similar sports in Vladimir, in ship modeling in Arkhangelsk, from where participants returned as winners and prize winners. On the basis of Almetyevsk, All-Russian competitions of young ship-modelers were held, for which the Charitable Foundation "Gifted Children" of PJSC TATNEFT established special prizes.

Two teams of schoolchildren: 7-8 grades from Bugulma and 9-11 from Almetyevsk took part in the international test-rating competition “Gluon” in Protvino near Moscow. Both teams became winners in their age group and winners of individual championship prizes.

A team of schoolchildren from the village of Jalil became the winner of the international Asian multi-subject Olympiad in Russia, thanks to the financial assistance of a charitable foundation, took part in a competition of teams in China.

The charity foundation was one of the co-founders of regional and republican scientific-practical conferences for schoolchildren in Leninogorsk, Aznakaevo, Sarmanovo, and provided funds for prizes to the winners. Material assistance was provided to individual participants of the All-Russian and Volga Region scientific-practical conferences for schoolchildren from general educational institutions of the south-east of the Republic of Tatarstan. The foundation also supported gifted students in preparation for the All-Russian School Olympiad "Path to Olympus" at Moscow universities, which were attended by 67 students.

According to the results of scientific forums, all prize-winners of the republican and Russian level and their mentors received material support from the foundation at spring gatherings in the municipal districts of the oil region of the Republic of Tatarstan. During 2017, a charitable foundation provided material assistance in the form of quarterly scholarships to gifted schoolchildren from low-income families.

FUND "MERCY" («Miloserdiye»)

CHARITABLE FUND "MERCY" was created in 1999. The goals of the fund are: support of education, education, science, culture, health care, sports, social support for low-income groups of the population.

The Mercy Foundation operates in all regions of the Republic of Tatarstan and abroad. With the support of the fund, the infrastructure of the settlements of the Republic of Tatarstan is improving. The Foundation provides significant support to the development of sports, especially children's hockey, including the construction of new hockey rinks in the areas of the south-east of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The Mercy Foundation supports the work of the Rukhiyat and Gifted Children funds, provides assistance to children from low-income families, identifies gifted children and sends them to various republican, Russian and international competitions where the children adequately represent the Republic of Tatarstan.

Much attention is paid to supporting spiritual development and the preservation of religious institutions. The Foundation also provides charitable assistance outside the Republic of Tatarstan.

Фонд «Милосердие» выделяет значительные средства на экономическую поддержку людей, отдавших силы и молодость становлению нефтяной отрасли республики.

The Mercy Foundation pays special attention to veterans of the TATNEFT Company. These are targeted actions of the Company aimed at raising the living standards of veterans of the oil industry of the Republic of Tatarstan. The Mercy Foundation, together with the Company's trade union organization, assists in the organization of rest and treatment of labor veterans in sanatoriums. There are other types of material assistance to veterans. Every year, retirees are allocated funds to celebrate the International Women's Day and the Day of Older Persons. Funds are also allocated for the celebration of Victory Day for participants in the war, home front workers and widows. In addition, the Company pays various medical expenses for veterans.

Charity fund of spiritual rebirth "RUKHIYAT"

The Rukhiyat Spiritual Revival Fund was established by TATNEFT Company in 1997 with the aim of enhancing the spiritual revival and cultural life of the oil region of the Republic of Tatarstan; identifying and supporting talented children of the petroleum region of the Republic of Tatarstan, organization of cultural and educational work.

The activities of the Rukhiyat Foundation are aimed at enhancing the cultural life of the oil region of the Republic of Tatarstan. The Foundation supports the creative intelligentsia, is engaged in publishing, supports writers, poets, artists and other cultural figures.

During the 21 years of the foundation’s work, over 200 book titles were published with a total circulation of more than 350 thousand copies. Since 2006, the outstanding poets and writers of the Republic of Tatarstan have been awarded the literary prize of them. S. Suleymanova, and young scholars are awarded scholarships.

The Foundation organizes the festival of children's creativity “The Land of the Singing Nightingale,” which was attended by about 50,000 children from 7 to 18 years old. Many of the participants of the competition received scholarships of the Company and, with the support of the Company, continued their musical education, some of the participants of the competition became professional artists, teachers of art schools.

Since 2016, together with the V. Spivakov International Charitable Foundation, the cultural and educational project “V. Spivakov Foundation Academy. Children to children. Tatarstan ”, in which master classes are held with famous musicians, artists and choreographers of the Russian Federation. According to the results of the project, talented children and creative teams participating in the project become fellows of the V. Spivakov Foundation and are invited to participate in the festival “Moscow meets friends”.

In 2018, the Company united charity funds “GIFTED CHILDREN”, “RUKHIYAT”, “MERCY” and “TAZALYK” into the ONE “CHARITABLE FUND“ TATNEFT ”.
Funds were established at different periods for the implementation of social projects of the Company related to the support of education, culture, science, sports, and the provision of material assistance to various categories of the population. When combining the funds, the areas of activity, functions, personnel, and amount of financing were preserved.

Combining the funds into a single structure will improve the efficiency of the social and charitable activities of the Company, recognition of the Tatneft brand as a socially responsible company.

Currently, the planned work on the integration of functional, operational and regulatory mechanisms for the activities of the funds within a single organization is being implemented.