PJSC Tatneft. Annual report 2017
PJSC Tatneft. Annual report 2017

Goals and priorities

«The Company is aware that the long-term sustainable business development is based on the social progress of society as a whole. We make a significant contribution to the improvement of social infrastructure – support for health care, science, education, spiritual heritage, culture and sport. Coordinated actions with heads of cities and settlements in the territories of our activity give a successful result in improving the quality of life not only of the Company's employees and their families, but also of the local population.» Nail Maganov CEO Chairman of the Executive Board of TATNEFT Report of the Board of Directors
Annual General Shareholders Meeting
on the basis of the Company's activities in 2017
GOALS AND PRIORITIES OF SOCIAL POLICY IN REGIONS OF THE COMPANY'S ACTIVITIES When developing and implementing social programs, the Company is guided by the following principles:



Funds spent on the implementation of programs should significantly help to solve problems. The results of the programs are regularly assessed and taken into account.



The Company strives to ensure that social programs are targeted, timely and meet the urgent needs of the society.



The social programs are regular and systematic.


The Company strives to develop and implement the social programs based on dialogue and cooperation with stakeholders.


When carrying out production activities, all divisions of the Company interact to a certain extent with local communities, implementing targeted programs for the development of local communities and conducting a systematic assessment of the impact of their activities on local communities in social and environmental aspects.


More details about the Company's social policy


Target groups of the Tatneft's social programs are children and youth, war and labor veterans, people in need of treatment and rehabilitation, inmates of children's homes and boarding schools, as well as other socially vulnerable groups of the population.

Promoting the development of infrastructure in cities and settlements
Health care support in the Republic of Tatarstan
Support of education
Support of culture
Promoting the spiritual rebirth
Maternity and childhood support
Social targeted assistance to the population
Promotion of mass sports and physical education
Promotion of hockey

The main socially-oriented programs are implemented in the regions of the Company's activities.

The Company invests in social projects on a grant basis.

The main project nominations are "Social Sphere", "Citizenship and Patriotism", "Science", "Education", "Culture and Art", "Sport", "Environment".

In 2017, were approved by the Grant Committe

40 projects


57, 4 million rubles