PJSC Tatneft. Annual report 2017
PJSC Tatneft. Annual report 2017

Principles of sustainable development

G4-1 EC7
«The Company is solving ambitious tasks to increase production, the volume of oil refining, petrochemical production and improve its quality. Regardless of the instability of world markets, we remain a close-knit team, striving to become even more technological, more efficient. Achievements in production give us the opportunity to improve our cities, our villages, build housing, develop medicine, culture and sport. We pay special attention to supporting education, because knowledge is a great strength and the basis of our competitiveness for many years to come. Our duty is to grow up a smart, healthy, strong generation of patriots of our native land, our country » Nail Maganov General Director, Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC TATNEFT

The Company is aware of equal responsibility for operating results, industrial and environmental safety, as well as its role in improving the quality of life of staff and the local population, and in general, contributing to the development of the national economy, social programs, and innovative development of the industry.

The Company’s position — only if the balance between these aspects is observed and the development of social partnership can harmonious and effective business development be ensured.

Ensuring a high level of social responsibility is a strategic initiative and the most important principle of the Company’s work, which implies transparency of activities and ethical behavior, which contributes to sustainable development and is consistent with legislation and international standards.
G4 -6

In order to ensure sustainable development, the Company implements a responsible policy in all regions of its activity.


  • The company is a responsible partner of the state, business community, population, public and in all regions of its activity.
  • Acting as an employer, taxpayer, nature and subsoil user, the Company treats its duties with all good faith and reasonableness, making a feasible contribution to the economic and social development of the regions of presence and the creation of favorable living conditions in them.
  • The Company cooperates and consults with partners, contractors, representatives of the public, the population of the regions of presence, and all those who cooperate with the Company, on all socially significant issues of its activities.
  • The company respects the culture and traditions, dignity and human rights in all regions of its operations.

The Сompany is aware of its responsibility to shareholders, investors, partners, employees and society as a whole, and seeks to maximize its potential for sustainable development.


The consistent implementation of strategic tasks by the Company ensures steady growth in production volumes and positive dynamics of financial indicators for over 20 years.


Strict observance of the rights and legitimate interests of shareholders and all interested parties is reflected in the fulfillment of core business commitments and voluntary social initiatives.


Positive performance of the Company in the difficult macroeconomic conditions of the period 2014-2017. reflect the quality potential of a business model capable of withstanding the burden of negative industry and market factors.

The key strategic goal of the Company is the creation of shareholder value simultaneously with the solution of production problems is directly interrelated with social priorities and increasing the well-being of the regions of our presence due to tax deductions, social and environmental programs.

The Company’s development, objectives and plans are formed solely on the basis of compliance with laws and ethical standards, taking into account the expectations of interested parties and for the benefit of future generations.