PJSC Tatneft. Annual report 2017
PJSC Tatneft. Annual report 2017

Trade Union Organizations


The conscientious work of the Tatneft personnel, consistent implementation of measures to preserve the financial and economic sustainability of the company enabled the obligations of the collective agreement of Tatneft to be fulfilled in 2017.

Meanwhile, the achieved level of social protection of employees, including youth, and nonworking pensioners of the Company was ensured, including voluntary medical insurance, construction of housing under the mortgage lending program, organization of summer camps for the children of employees, the provision of pensions, etc.

The Tatneft trade union committee, its primary trade union organizations on the basis of the Federal Law “On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Guarantees of Activity,” the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, and the collective agreement ensure:

  • Representation and protection of social and labor rights and the interests of trade union members ;
  • Monitoring of compliance with labor legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Organization of sporting and recreation activities for the workforce.

The administration and trade union committee of Tatneft organized and staged:

  • A conference of the Tatneft workforce, where the collective agreement of the Company was concluded for 2017;
  • A meeting of the permanent labor safety commissions of Tatneft and PTC, its structural subdivisions and subsidiaries following the results of work in 2017.

The interregional trade union organization of Tatneft has 138,595 trade union members, of whom 88,272 are employed, 44,886 are unemployed pensioners, 5,437 are students of Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute, Almetyevsk Polytechnic College, Leninogorsk Oil Technical College, and Bugulminsk Engineering College, and 35,701 are young working persons. Primary unified and primary trade union organizations numbering 163 entities operate in structural divisions, service management companies, and subsidiaries located in Tatarstan and beyond, and 4 entities are students of Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute, Almetyevsk Polytechnic College, Leninogorsk Oil Technical College and Bugulminsk Engineering College.

The composition of the trade unionists, numbering 12,475 people, is as follows: 167 heads of primary trade union organizations, 5,266 chairpersons of trade union committees, 2,651 trade union groups, 1,257 trade union committee members, 2,083 members of all committees of the trade union committee and 376 members of the audit commissions of primary trade unions, 2,655 trade union committee members and 2,760 labor protection commissioners.

The trade union committee carried out work to attract more members to the trade union of the Interregional Trade Union Organization of Tatneft. In 2017, trade union organizations were created which were part of the Inter­regional Trade Union Organization of Tatneft: LLC Nur­latsky stud farm, Private Educational Institution Tatneft – School.

Admission to the trade union is carried out on a voluntary basis through the personal application of the employee. Newly-admitted employees are brought up to speed, the trade union committee provides information about its ac­tivities and sections of the collective agreement, and the level of interest of the employer in social activities, sports, and other activities is revealed.

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Sociological surveys are regularly conducted among employees to determine the degree of satisfaction with workplace management and safety, and the quality of work carried out by trade union committees. Legal consultations are held. There is a “helpline” in the trade union committee, to where every member of the trade union can call and explain their problem. In the primary trade unions, the reception of trade union members to discuss private matters was organized.

The work of the Tatneft trade union committee, consisting of 51 trade union members, was carried out in accordance with the approved annual plan in full compliance with the Union’s Statute, the requirements of higher trade union bodies, the Federal Law On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Guarantees of Activities, and the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

9 commissions of the Tatneft trade union committee carry out work to monitor the fulfillment of the obligations of the Collective Agreement.

Trade union employees are routinely involved in conducting preventive measures related to labor protection and summarizing the results of tenders:

  • «To maintain the aesthetic state of well-maintained springs and improve the water quality»;
  • «The best recreational camp of structural divisions and subsidiaries».

Members of the trade union committee and members of the commissions of the Tatneft trade union committee participated in work on planned issues. Resolutions were adopted on all the issues discussed.

Representatives of the Tatneft trade union took part in the meetings of the Presidium and Plenums of the Russian Council of the Oil and Gas Trade Union, seminars of the International Trade Union Confederation, meetings of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Tatarstan, and meetings at the plants of the Tatneft production group.

In July 2017, at a high organizational level, the administration and the Tatneft trade union committee organized a children’s recreation camps festival which was attended by more than 1,000 children from Tatneft Company’s 13 children’s recreation camps.

The trade union committee organized cultural, sports and recreational events during the summer and winter arrivals at the Tatneft recreation centers. The trade union committees annually organize “Health Days,” concert programs for employees and their families from May to September in the city park named after the 60th anniversary of Tatarstan oil. The trade union committees organized trips for plant employees to Tatneft’s health and recreation resorts and beyond. They held Christmas parties for the children of plant employees.

Meetings of the conciliation commission for the development of the collective agreement of Tatneft for 2018 were organized and held, where the proposals of the Company’s employees for the purpose of entering into a collective agreement were examined.

The Tatneft interregional trade union organization on the principles of social partnership takes part in the formation and implementation of Tatneft’s social strategy.


One of the main areas of focus of the work of the Tatneft trade union organization is the protection of workers’ rights to ensure that they work in conditions that meet health and safety requirements and public control over compliance with labor protection legislation.

This joint work is carried out on the basis of collective agreements, on the principles of social partnership between the administrations of Tatneft and its subsidiaries and other plants, on the one hand, and representatives of employees—the trade union committees of Tatneft and the plants of the Tatneft Group, the technical labor inspectorate, and the authorized trade union for labor protection, on the other hand.

At conferences and meetings of the workforce, on the basis of the results of work for 2017, the implementation of collective bargaining agreements, including the obligations of labor protection agreements, was accepted by the administrator and the trade union committee.

At the meetings of the Tatneft trade union committee and its presidium, the issues prepared by the trade union committee on labor protection were examined.

The chief technical labor inspector of the trade union conducted

45 inspections of

the conditions and workplace safety at plants

Inspections of the conditions and workplace safety at plants, their subdivisions, compliance with labor protection legislation, implementation of collective agreements and labor protection agreements at plants where union members work. Violations found during the inspections are eliminated.

In accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, exercise trade union control in the field of labor protection at the plants of Tatneft

900 commissioners

The obligatory participation of authorized persons in administrative and public multistage control is reflected in the Regulation on Industrial Safety and Labor Protection Management System in Tatneft. Labor inspectors carried out inspections of the workplace conditions at the plants. Any issues that arose were dealt with in a timely manner.


The trade union committees of primary trade union organizations pay special attention to working with young trade union members. Commissions on working with young people operate effectively.

The Tatneft trade union committee sends funds from the employer to organize cultural, sports, health, and other collective activities with young workers.

A section dedicated to the young employees of the company is highlighted in the Collective Agreement. All youth leaders are members of the trade union committees of the plants. Representatives of the youth organizations of plants help draw up the Collective Agreement.

Young trade unionists actively and successfully participate in all competitive and educational events of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Tatarstan and Neftegazstroyprofsoyuz of Russia. In September, 2017 in Kazan, the youth leaders of Tatneft participated in the youth meeting: Youth Policy of Neftegazstroyprofsoyuz of Russia: dreams and reality organized by NGSP of Russia.

Special attention is paid to military patriotic education. So with the assistance of the trade union committee in 2017, the Сourage Тrack event was held for the first time at which an exhibition of weapons was held. The competitions were dynamic, the fights were exciting, and they allowed all participants to test themselves and their team.

The young trade unionists actively and successfully participate in all competitive events of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Tatarstan. In 2017, the creative youth of the Company’s plants took part in the V Republican TV Festival of Creativity of Working Youth: Our Time – Beznen Zaman, at which young members of the trade union won a number of prizes in various categories.


In 2017, legal work was continued aimed at protecting the rights of union members and providing legal assistance.

According to the annual schedule, a “visiting legal consultation office” was open. Consultations were provided by the chairman of the Tatneft trade union committee and the general legal adviser. During the reporting period, consultations were provided in the towns of Bavly, Yelabuga, Leninogorsk, Nurlat, Aznakayevo, Nizhnekamsk, Bugulma, and the workers’ village of Jalil. Issues addressed by the employees included staff cuts, the transfer of employees, certifi-cation, the awarding of titles, and others.

Work was carried out with letters and inquiries of trade union members

explanations and consultations were given to more than

650 trade union members

The commission of the trade union committee on legal protection of trade union members verified compliance with labor legislation in LLC TNG-Group and LLC Tatneftodor in terms of adherence to the working time regime, provision of annual paid holidays, payment for overtime work, and work on weekends and nonworking holidays. Five inspections were conducted at NGDU Aznakayevskneft, NGDU Yelkhovneft, NGDU Yamashneft, LLC UK Tatneft Neftekhim, and JSC Nizhnekamsktekhuglerod. In July 2017, at NGDU Leninogorskneft, a seminar was held for the chairmen of the primary united, primary trade union organizations on the following subject: «On Law Enforcement Practice for Compli¬ance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and Corporate Standards».


One of the important areas of focus is cooperation in this field with the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Council of Neftegazstroyprofsoyuz, regional trade union training centers to whose seminars dedicated specialists were sent to.

This year particular attention was paid to the training of all full-time trade union workers under the 40-hour labor pro¬tection program.

Overall 2017 year more than

> 10 000

trade active unionists were involved in all forms of training

In primary trade union organizations, work with the active trade unionists was conducted.